He Isn’t Listening to Me

Guys are often accused of not listening to their girlfriend / friend / sister / mother / wife in conversations that they have with them. Why is this and is it true? Often times you hear this phrase coming from the lady in the “conversation”. “I don’t want you to fix it, I want you […]

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It Takes Two

I sat with a broken heart yesterday as a friend of mine’s former wife came out and said publicly that her husband left her and the kids. (Don’t worry you will never guess who this is, if you re at FBC it’s no one here, if you are at CG it isn’t anyone there either) […]

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To Tithe or Not To Tithe?

It has been a while since I have listened to or had a discussion with someone about tithing. Is it Biblical? Is it meant for the church today? Do I as a believer have to give a tenth of my income to the church because we are no longer under the law? Is that 10% […]

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It is Monday Morning, well at least the end of it. I have had a pretty productive morning and currently I’m sitting here in my office with Chris Rice playing in the background. There are tons of thoughts going through my mind some that deal with recent revelations and others that deal with the blessings […]

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