Types of Good

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you should be good at it. This means there are some things we should be good at and there are some things we are good at that we shouldn’t be good at. There are some things we can be good at that make us good people […]

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Yep that is quite the word to start with isn’t it? Stupid. But it is exactly what we need to hear at the very start, but maybe I can put it into a question form for you… Do you want to be stupid? I hope the answer to that is no… I know I do […]

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Wishing Well

I have started a wishing well… WELL Yep, Finally (see that blog post for more info) I am to the place where, the people who have not been kind to me in life… I am now, with all that is within me, with all the goodness and forgiveness I can muster up… wishing those unfriendlies… Well. […]

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