Adam and Eve

We all think that Adam and Eve made it to heaven. I hope they did. But I wonder what it was like to watch your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren, great great great great grandchildren, great great great great great grand children and great great great great great great […]

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October Music 2019

Yes, I know this post is early, but there are a few reasons for posting it on September 18th. A friend of mine posted to my page on facebook asking “where is the October Music countdown ‘whatever that is’”. Though he misspelled October and Music (who am I to judge right? But I caught it […]

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Of Cows and Men

The story goes something like this. It’s a true story about a barn that was on fire. How the fire started or trying to save the barn was no ones concern when the fire was first noticed. The concern was to keep the cows out of the barn and that had become quite the task. […]

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and Here We Go…

I was reading the story of Moses’ call to go back to Egypt. It’s quite remarkable. Here is a murderer who is summed by God to be part of a story that literally would be referred to through out the whole Bible and would be celebrated each year by the Jews. None of that of […]

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The Plan

I haven’t written in a while on this blog. I’m sure there are reasons for that – HAHA – but I am going to attempt to get back to it. That’s the plan anyway. Sometimes I look back on post and realize there are misspellings or there was some sort of grammatical error. I do […]

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