Craig Jutia

I was introduced to Craig Julia back in 2004.  I was over children’s worship programming at Center Grove Baptist Church and we began to use his video curriculum for some of our worship services.   Impressed by his ability to connect with kids on screen, I contacted him to see if he would come and […]

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I was recently on facebook and a picture of a family came across my feed. I spoke about them a little bit, then my wife said these words… “You can say that Phillip but I was done with them 22 years ago.”  Then she told me about a conversation she overheard that ended her friendship […]

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Thanksgiving Music

Each year beginning in October our family begins to play holiday theme music to carry us through the holiday season.  It starts with October Music and ends with Christmas Music. In between those is what we call Thanksgiving Music (of course:)).  Over the years this list has evolved with songs being added and others we took […]

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Appreciate Your Pastor

I have a great church, God has blessed me with people to shepherd that get it. What is “IT”? IT – Is – Jesus, and He is our true leader.  It is His kingdom not ours, His will not ours, His vision not ours. and there is no “but” here… Now I may or may […]

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October Music 2018

We are now just hours from the start of October Music for 2018, the moment you have all been waiting for! It will began tomorrow on October Eve (September 30th) as soon as our eyes open.  With the exception of Sundays, it is the only music that we play in our house for the whole […]

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