Billy Graham

How many lives have been touched? How many people have heard the message of the gospel? How many people have responded and accepted Christ as the result of his ministry? Far more than we can count but God kept a record. Touched with the gift of evangelism Billy Graham embraced that gift and made the […]

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Intelligent Complaining

If you are going to complain about something, at least do it with some intelligence. There are times in life that a well placed complaint changes things. However, most complaining is done without wisdom, without an accurate representation of the past, is generally driven by emotion and lacks intelligent dialogue. Complaining that is done incorrectly […]

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Rainy, Damp & Cold

  It is a rainy, damp and cold Monday. Rainy – Damp and Cold. The grayness of the air around does not promote happiness and vitality.  After all gray is the color of depression, the color of sadness, the color of a not so good day. But what if the way we see these RDC’s […]

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